• Monitoring system design and technology and innovation intelligence

Nowadays, technology monitoring and intelligence system are promising new or optimal technologies for acquisition. This system is to identify the restrictions and operating potential of different technologies and recognize the capabilities of the company to improve technical knowledge. First of all, the key technologies will be identified by Fara Company. Changes and key trends in high technology development then will be documented based on patents information, reliable scientific articles as well as business reports. The database will also consist of the latest technological and commercial changes. The company determines the status of key technologies on the basis of global information, the technological gaps, and the capacity for technical advancements in companies to make the necessary planning.

Successful example of the Service accomplished by Fara Company:

Fara Company has designed a technology monitoring system in different fields including electric and connected cars, vaccines and serums, oil and gas industry to monitor the world’s technologies and analyze commercial and technical documents simultaneously. The results of the monitoring system implementation have been extensively utilized by large car manufacturers and decision makers in Iran. These valuable outcomes of monitoring system also used to make decisions about changing technologies in petrochemical plants, effectively.