• Technology Development Documentation

Today, technology and innovation development is a reliable approach to economic growth in countries. Therefore, many governments seek to identify, organize and direct the ecosystem of technology and innovation development in different sectors. In national documents, the status of different areas of technology will be examined in the future, and technology departments will be prioritized according to the level of technological capability of the country, and technology roadmaps will be consequently formulated and services will be integrated in a consistent format. The technology-based collaborative roadmap will seek to realize the formulated vision in that area. Fara Company is highly capable of compiling technology roadmaps and aligning business and technical strategies at national level, based on international methodology and standards.

Successful example of the Service accomplished by Fara Company:

Rahpouyan Danesh and Fanavari (Fara) Company has been fully involved in the compilation of upstream Iranian science and technology documents and also compiled national technology development documents in the fields of automotive, advanced materials, lasers and photonics.