• Project management and consulting in technology transfer projects

One of the applicable services in the field of technology and innovation management is to examine the different aspects of technical knowledge transfer and to assist the parties in technology transfer and cooperation. This service will first identify the technical know-how transfer capacities and technological learning conditions and collaboration. A part of this service includes designing and adjusting contractual clauses, terms of cooperation, R&D planning, and legal principles. On the other hand, implementing of the technology transfer in line with the contract in addition to parties interests will also be considered. In cases where clients also request technology management and execution projects for their technology requirements, Fara Company will provide specific solutions on the subjects. These include defining a technology transfer project, setting up monitoring and coordination procedures for technological collaboration, and establishing a project management office for technology transfer and cooperation.

Successful example of the Service accomplished by Fara Company:

One of the technology transfer projects has been to provide consulting services to transfer the technical know-how of producing new catalysts. In this project, Fara counsellors joined to the technology recipient to manage and accelerate all relevant aspects of technical knowledge including documentation, training, equipment exploitation and any other measures that would increase productivity. Based on the efforts made, ultimately the technology receiver has been able to produce products with their desired quality level.

Fara Company has been responsible for managing the design and coordination of technological partnerships in the field of mini LNG during its involvement in another project. In this regard, Fara Consultants have professionally organized the necessary coordination between the Iranian and Korean research teams and created affectively an appropriate environment for knowledge management, transfer of technical knowledge, integration of mutual investigations and joint technology development.