Department of Technology and Innovation Management:

Rapid changes in international business environment has led to the development of new literature in various industries. Technology is generally considered as one of the most important sources of successful companies, and indeed the success of the most countries and manufacturers is tied to the selection, use and development of technology. In fact, rules of the game have been changed due to technology and innovation that comes with it. Therefore, understanding this phenomenon and dealing with it properly will create a favorable context for value creation. The presence of specialized knowledge of Fara Company in innovation management and technology along with the ability to oversee the process of commercialization and development of new technology-oriented products has created a department to accomplish specialized activities in this field. In this regard, Fara Company consulting services are classified into the following categories:

  • Technology Development Documentation

Today, technology and innovation development is a reliable approach to economic growth in countries. Therefore, many governments seek to identify, organize and direct the ecosystem of technology and innovation development in different sectors. In national documents, the status of different areas of technology will be examined in the future, and technology departments will be prioritized according to the level of technological capability of the country, and technology roadmaps will be consequently formulated and services will be integrated in a consistent format. The technology-based collaborative roadmap will seek to realize the formulated vision in that area. Fara Company is highly capable of compiling technology roadmaps and aligning business and technical strategies at national level, based on international methodology and standards.


Successful example of the Service accomplished by Fara Company:

Rahpouyan Danesh and Fanavari (Fara) Company has been fully involved in the compilation of upstream Iranian science and technology documents and also compiled national technology development documents in the fields of automotive, advanced materials, lasers and photonics.

  • Designing and implementing technology and innovation management processes

Promoting competitiveness against other competitors, increasing profitability, reducing global policy risks, increasing organization capacity to attract, constantly developing new products and services, and enhancing the technological and organizational capability are a part of today’s smart technology and innovation management outcomes. They can achieve this by designing and implementing technology management and innovation processes in their organizations. With a systematic process and approach, Fara Company organizes and implements technology intelligence related preparation and activities, selection of technological options, technology acquisition models, exploitation and use of new technology, as well as the assortment of technology protection and learning, accordingly.


Successful example of the Service accomplished by Fara Company:

Utilizing specialized software and applications, Fara Company has been capable to design and develop a technology management and innovation system for petrochemical companies that have olefins or aromatic sections. In the implemented cases of the companies, the existence of those organizational processes which lead to the right choice of technology and its acquisition was crucially important, which has been followed by software implementation.

  • Monitoring system design and technology and innovation intelligence

Nowadays, technology monitoring and intelligence system are promising new or optimal technologies for acquisition. This system is to identify the restrictions and operating potential of different technologies and recognize the capabilities of the company to improve technical knowledge. First of all, the key technologies will be identified by Fara Company. Changes and key trends in high technology development then will be documented based on patents information, reliable scientific articles as well as business reports. The database will also consist of the latest technological and commercial changes. The company determines the status of key technologies on the basis of global information, the technological gaps, and the capacity for technical advancements in companies to make the necessary planning.

Successful example of the Service accomplished by Fara Company:

Fara Company has designed a technology monitoring system in different fields including electric and connected cars, vaccines and serums, oil and gas industry to monitor the world’s technologies and analyze commercial and technical documents simultaneously. The results of the monitoring system implementation have been extensively utilized by large car manufacturers and decision makers in Iran. These valuable outcomes of monitoring system also used to make decisions about changing technologies in petrochemical plants, effectively.

  • Strategy and Technology Roadmap Formulation

Based on the current situation of the company, national and international changing trends including technology providers and global competitors, technology programs can be formulated for the company to incorporate technical improvements, technological learning, technology development and research.

Successful example of the Service accomplished by Fara Company:

Regarding the relevant services, petrochemical companies as a strategic part of Iran industry are among our major customers. In our successful experience with petrochemical companies, technology strategy and path to achieve their technical goals have been formulated. In this regard, international reports, patents, technical developments of similar companies, and commercial terms of products manufacturing were first reviewed and then programmed based on the potential technical improvements and removal of the gap in the technological plant. Close communication with universities, research centers and technology development companies will also be organized at this stage.


  • Project management and consulting in technology transfer projects

One of the applicable services in the field of technology and innovation management is to examine the different aspects of technical knowledge transfer and to assist the parties in technology transfer and cooperation. This service will first identify the technical know-how transfer capacities and technological learning conditions and collaboration. A part of this service includes designing and adjusting contractual clauses, terms of cooperation, R&D planning, and legal principles. On the other hand, implementing of the technology transfer in line with the contract in addition to parties interests will also be considered. In cases where clients also request technology management and execution projects for their technology requirements, Fara Company will provide specific solutions on the subjects. These include defining a technology transfer project, setting up monitoring and coordination procedures for technological collaboration, and establishing a project management office for technology transfer and cooperation.

Successful example of the Service accomplished by Fara Company:

One of the technology transfer projects has been to provide consulting services to transfer the technical know-how of producing new catalysts. In this project, Fara counsellors joined to the technology recipient to manage and accelerate all relevant aspects of technical knowledge including documentation, training, equipment exploitation and any other measures that would increase productivity. Based on the efforts made, ultimately the technology receiver has been able to produce products with their desired quality level.

Fara Company has been responsible for managing the design and coordination of technological partnerships in the field of mini LNG during its involvement in another project. In this regard, Fara Consultants have professionally organized the necessary coordination between the Iranian and Korean research teams and created affectively an appropriate environment for knowledge management, transfer of technical knowledge, integration of mutual investigations and joint technology development.


  • Commercialization of technological achievements and new ideas

In this service, Fara Company delivers practical consulting to technology development teams based on customer requirements, stakeholder expectations and business considerations in order to launch new products and technologies in the market at a higher acceptance rate. Furthermore, Fara Company offers services such as technology valuation, feasibility studies and market analysis, taking the right commercialization procedure, and so on.


Successful example of the Service accomplished by Fara Company:

As a communication channel with technology clients at research centers and technology-driven companies in serum manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry, the commercialization system has helped scientists in these organizations to commercialize their research achievements. Till today, around 70 technologies have been introduced to the market through commercialization.

Another successful example relates to the commercialization services and the creation of spin-off companies by research centers. In fact, this is the central reason which has created the ambiance for Fara Company to evaluate more than 50 plans and to identify commercialization cases. Then feasibility studies and business analysis conducted and finally 18 manufacturing companies have been the outcomes of Fara Company accomplishment during the recent years. Most of these companies are the result of commercializing research achievements.