– Human resource management consulting services

One of the main areas of human resources management consulting services is to design and evaluate businesses organizational structure. Based on Fara Company operational experiences, organizational structure design and corporate operating model will be highly efficient based on business processes and accordingly ensure the clients that roles and responsibilities to perform well within the organizations. Along with the new structure, organizational structure and hierarchy can be identified, and consequently job descriptions, eligibility necessities and key requirements of the jobs to be prepared. In this method, it can be possible to make necessary plans for Accrual Salaries and Wages Payable and talent finding system based on the advanced models of performance evaluation. All the services will be offered to clients in our Human Resource strategies package.

  • Successful example of the Service accomplished by Fara Company:

Fara Company has implemented:

– Organizational structure design, job description, job evaluation, performance appraisal system, Salaries and Wages system and human resources planning for one of the largest industrial holding companies with 18 subsidiaries in Iran.

– Developing organizational structure and HR strategy for Telecom Company with more than 10,000 employees

– Designing organizational structure, job description, job evaluation and recruitment plan for headquarter and factory of a company active in the woodcraft, cabinet and parquet industry.