Formulation and implementation of strategic documents in organizations

One of the central areas in management consulting is to help evaluate the current status of businesses and organizations, to outline the desired points and determine how to achieve the business goals and prospects. The critical issue is that in what areas and what form the corporate operating plans should be defined and formulated to achieve the desired competitive advantages. In this regard, the necessary studies will be first conducted regarding the customers’ industry or business environment, their future changes and trends as well as the needs and expectations of the main stakeholders, and accordingly, the direction of the business will be identified. Consulting firms offer a variety of tools to implement and execute strategic plans. Based on experience and background in applying the balanced scorecard approach, Fara Company offers these specialized services which are fully applicable in most businesses and industries. Furthermore, Fara Company delivers his professional management consultancy on designing and implementing balanced scorecard in organizations. As a result of using performance dashboards, the realized extent of plans and goals as well as the strategy effectiveness will be clarified, enabling companies to organize their learning programs and adjust their plans considering the feedbacks and outcomes.

  • Successful example of the Service accomplished by Fara Company:

Fara Company implemented the organizational strategy in one of the largest holding companies active in medical equipment field. In this strategic service, Fara Company designed the interactive approach among the holding and its subsidiaries as well as supporting the holding to monitor its five subsidiaries through the key performance indicators. Consequently, in order to carry out the strategies, operational activities and balanced scorecards have been also applied.