Developing a Feasibility Study

Feasibility study which includes a report examining the various aspects of a project (production, service, investment, infrastructure, etc.).

In this process, various features such as market, technical and financial aspects of the plan will be evaluated and the economic indicators of the plan analyzed in several headings using Camfar software (UNIDO). A plan can be categorized in a variety of areas such as agriculture, infrastructure, industry, health, tourism, mining, services, and so on, from factory construction to product line improvement and from software production to creating a welfare company. Each justification plan can be designed and revised based on the requirements of the plan, the beneficiary organization and the main purpose of its writing.

Successful example of the Service accomplished by Fara Company:

Considering the importance of evaluating different products from all the required technical and economic aspects prior to the production of the products and developing the essential infrastructure, an Iranian governmental organization in collaboration with a well-known university in the field of vaccine production and laboratory kits nominated Fara Company to be involved in the project to formulate feasibility plans for 60 products both under commercialization and new products in the field of animal vaccines and diagnostic kits. In this project, Fara Company carried out the economic analysis in various technical and market dimensions using Camfar software and generated more than 120 detailed analytics pages per each product.