Designing and improving organizational processes

Organizational Process Management is regarded as a systematic approach to identify, design, perform, control and measure the organizational activities in a processing structure based on adjusting inputs, actions and outputs aligned with business goals and objectives. Therefore, Fara Company consultants will be highly familiar with organizations in a specialized manner and identify the key processes considering the business scope, customer requirements and business productivity. At the next level, they design and model business processes based on BPMN2 standard and specialized software. The results of this section will be referred as fundamental layout of our mutual collaboration with clients which leads to the implementation of processes and modifications to the executive frameworks extended with full support and observation of our consultants and experts.

  • Successful example of the Service accomplished by Fara Company:

– Iran Road Maintenance and transportation Organization is one of the main clients of Fara Company services which has more than 10 deputies in Tehran headquarter and 31 offices in other provinces. In this regard, firstly the scope of activities and the procedures of organizational services have been identified, designed and modeled. In addition, administrational and logistics processes including finance, human resources, supply chain and public relations have been also restructured. Finally, around 100 organizational processes identified, designed and modeled.

– A company active in the telecom industry with over 20 million users and customers has been one of our clients. First of all, according to APQC and ETOM International Standards, the current status of company processes have been reviewed based on their customers’ feedback, stakeholder expectations and company directors viewpoints. In other cases for which a process gap has been identified, new processes formulated and designed, accordingly.