• Designing and implementing technology and innovation management processes

Promoting competitiveness against other competitors, increasing profitability, reducing global policy risks, increasing organization capacity to attract, constantly developing new products and services, and enhancing the technological and organizational capability are a part of today’s smart technology and innovation management outcomes. They can achieve this by designing and implementing technology management and innovation processes in their organizations. With a systematic process and approach, Fara Company organizes and implements technology intelligence related preparation and activities, selection of technological options, technology acquisition models, exploitation and use of new technology, as well as the assortment of technology protection and learning, accordingly.

Successful example of the Service accomplished by Fara Company:

Utilizing specialized software and applications, Fara Company has been capable to design and develop a technology management and innovation system for petrochemical companies that have olefins or aromatic sections. In the implemented cases of the companies, the existence of those organizational processes which lead to the right choice of technology and its acquisition was crucially important, which has been followed by software implementation.