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Fara Company is always motivated to take a step towards the promotion of professional services in the management consulting fields with a scientific, practical and innovative approaches that greatly meet the customers’ requirements at the national and international levels. Our Fara Company Knowledge-based network has been actively operated in Tehran University Science & Technology Park more than a decade (since 2010) and accomplished successfully over and above 100 projects in different fields of management consulting and technology management in major governmental organizations, private enterprises and businesses, and have professionally contributed in line with the enhanced and optimized decision making to desirably implement the ideal rightful decisions.

Fara vision

FARA wants to be the leading provider of innovative business consulting and innovation services in Iran and the region.

“Fara” Transparent image.

The best local and regional companies use our advice and consider one of the reasons for their success is working with FAR and using its innovative products. Our scientific community, including professors, students, researchers, and consulting firms, has made extensive use of the products and values created by us and considers collaborating with FAR as their pride. When asked by influential executives and the professional community in this field, what sets the best products in the areas mentioned? They will say “FARA” in real time.


Key values in “FARA”.We, the “FARA” staff, believe in the following seven principles of behavior and ethics and will strive for their institutionalization.:

Morality oriented: Believe in national and religious culture and follow it in our speech and behavior and in dealing with colleagues, clients, and clients.

Responsible and mobile (Along with): Loyalty to customers along the way and support for all services.

Creative and innovative: Having innovative approaches for organizational solutions

Customer oriented: Prioritize customer willingness and demands and trying to solve their problems and give them The best solutions.

Secrecy: Keeping our company, customers and partner’s secrecy is our greatest priority

Responsibility and value Creation: Commitment to the proper and timely implementation of legal obligations, considerations, roles and responsibilities, and a sense of responsibility and belonging to clients of the profession and the organization, and to balancing individual and organizational interests with priority to organizational interests.

Progressive and efficient: Striving to comply with the highest standards of science and research and execution of projects related to clients and companies.

Specialized departments:

  • Management of Innovation, Technology and Commercialization Department
  • Human Capital Management and Organizational Structure Department
  •  Strategy and Portfolio of Human Capital Department
  • Department of Engineering and Process Management
  • Organizational Consulting, Training and Learning Department


Reza naghizadeh
Board of Directors

PHD  Science and Technology Policy Making

Mahdi ojani
Head of Business Management Department

PhD in Technology Management

siyavash beigiparast
Expert Management Consulting

M.S Chemical Engineering

Mohammad naghizadeh
chairman of the board

PHD Technology Management

sohrab aghazadeh
Head of organizational transformation department

PhD in Technology Management

arezoo gholamrezaei
Expert Management Consulting

M.S Information Technology

sanam farnoodi
Managing Director

PHD Technology Management

shahin entezami
Expert Management Consulting

M.A Industrial Management

Zeinab mohammadi
Administrative Officer

B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering

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