Business Plan Formulation

A Business Plan is a comprehensive and detailed report of a business that has passed the idea phase and carried out the primary feasibility studies. This business can be included the development phase of an organization with the goal of launching a new product, or dependent business to an institution, group or even an individual. In writing a business plan, detailed investigations are made on the central products or services of the plan, market and competitors, customers, business model, funding sources, human resources, technological indicators, and so on. In business plan formulation, determining factors on business are fully observed and in Business Plan Canvas seeks to thoroughly evaluate the significant and effective parts of the interactive channel to our value proposition toward our customers

Successful example of the Service accomplished by Fara Company:

Fara Company has conducted several business plans in numerous projects of different industries. For example, in collaboration with Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute with more than 1500 employees known as the largest vaccine manufacturer in Middle East introduced more than 65 different products in a wide range of human, livestock, poultry and aquatic vaccines, Fara Company has conducted 40 business plans of Razi different vaccines products. Accordingly, a wide variety of vaccines ranging from human poliomyelitis to Gamboro, poultry and animal influenza fever have been investigated technically, marketwise, financially and economically.